Frölicking trails since 2010

Frölicking trails since 2010
Frölicking trails since 2010

Friday, December 27, 2013

Jbob's 2014 Race Schedule

“I know who I am and who I may be, if I choose.” - Don Quixote

My Hagg Lake ice bath.
Photo by 
Long Run Picture Company.
The year 2013 has been the best year of my life so far (as every subsequent year has been since my birth), and this past year's adventures and accomplishments have been crucial in solidifying my understanding of not only who I am, but who I can become. To those who have only ever encouraged me, I appreciate the shit out of you.

That said, I feel like I've been in a path of constant growth and improvement in my running ability, and I couldn't be more mentally ready for the race schedule that's lain before me in 2014. This coming year, I'm excited to participate in every race in my calendar (see my full race schedule here). However, there are 3 races in particular that I'm ecstatic about:


If you haven't heard of this race, then let me introduce you to probably the most popular 100-mile race in the world. It's the "world's oldest and most prestigious 100-mile trail race", and I was one of the lucky ~275 runners chosen via lottery out of ~2700 applicants to run the race in 2014. It's not an easy race to get into, and this is an opportunity that I don't want to take for granted. Also, the competition is STACKED, and I'm looking forward to running with some faster runners.

Quick Facts
Total Climbing: 19,000'
Total Falling: 23,000'
Historical Weather: Hot
Twitter Activity: Severe during the race
Shit-My-Pants Rating (pre-race anxiety): 7/10
Crew: My Family
Serious Question: Does chasing cougars at 80s night count as Western States training?


In 2012, I had the fortune to volunteer at this race by marking ~15 miles of the course (with a memorable last minute course marking shift at 2am with GR). Running those trails were magic, and I can’t recall having so much fun running, jumping, and hollering like a kid on a roller coaster. It’s fun shit, and I can’t wait to go back and run the full 50 miles. And since GR has enticed an impressive field of fast mother f*ckers, this 3rd edition of the race has potential to be all kinds of epic.

Quick Facts
Distance: 50 miles
Total Climbing: 11,000'
Total Falling: 11,000'
Twitter Activity: Severe in the months prior to the race, Moderate during the race.
Shit-my-pants rating: 9/10
Beer Rating: 5/5. The Howe Sound Brewery has some very, very good beer.


The inaugural attempt will forever live in infamy due to epically inclement weather that flooded the trails, created hypothermic conditions, and even managed to crush a couple of cars (thankfully, no one was hurt). The inaugural 2013 race was cancelled 15 hours into the race due to unsafe weather and trail conditions, ending with Ken Sinclair and Ashley Nordell in first place at mile 80.

The course is very familiar to me, and chances are I'll know somebody at every aid station. There's no better feeling than running a race when surrounded by so many friendly faces. The course itself is beautiful and gradual, and it mostly takes place on the Pacific Crest Trail just south of Mt. Hood. I can't think of any better race directors for this race than Todd Janssen and Trevor Hostettler, and I'm looking forward to being a part of the first complete running of this race. (Check out the other races in the NW Mountain Trail Series here).

Quick Facts
Distance: 100 miles
Total Climbing: 10,800'
Total Falling: 10,800'
Twitter Activity: Moderate during the race
Shit-my-pants rating: 5/10
Knock on Wood: There's NO WAY the weather can be as bad as it was in 2013.

See the rest of my 2014 Race Schedule HERE


Clouds Rest, Yosemite


Dancing around Mt. St. Helens (Mt. Adams in the background).


Ascending Mt. St. Helens before dawn, looking towards Mt. Adams
Mt. Rainier from Mt. St. Helens

Sunrise from Mt. St. Helens

Bro #2 (Brandon Sullivan)
(Mt. Hood 50m)
Photo by Long Run Picture Company.
Bro #1 (Mt. Hood 50m)
Photo by Long Run Picture Company.

Banana Face #1 (Zane Grey 50m)
Photo by Map Photography.
Banana Face#2 (Mt. Hood 50m).
Photo by Paul Nelson.


Hugging Glenn Tachiyama before the Peterson Ridge 40 miler start
Photo by Paul Nelson
Hugging Hands with Rick at the Peterson Ridge Rumble 20 miler
(his dog Jake took 1st place)
Photo by Paul Nelson.
Hugging my cousin Casey after he crewed for me at Zane Grey
Photo by 
Map Photography.
Hugging Dana after we both finished the Bighorn 100
Photo by the Fabulous Samantha Pinney.
Zach Violett and me at the Bighorn 100 awards ceremony.
We ran the first ~30 miles together.
Photo by Maria Sharoglazova.
Megan consoling me after I brought 2 left-footed trail shoes
to the Mt. Hood 50 miler.
Photo by Teri Smith.

Hugging Brian After getting into Western States!
Photo by Paul Nelson
Hugging Yassine (M9) after getting into Western States!
Photo by Paul Nelson.

Cheers to 2013, and here's to 2014!

Much Love,